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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the official website of soulism?

No, that's ridiculous. Soulism is a political philosophy, not a trademark. Yes, there's an offical website of McDonald's and of Power Rangers, but there's no such thing as an offical website of communism, democracy, or soulism. If anyone tells you there's an "official website of soulism", they're trying to scam you.

How can I get involved in doing praxis?

The best place to discuss your ideas about how to destroy reality is The Outside discord server. It has a lot of experts that know what they're talking about. But the best advice I can start you off with is: get involved in local politics. Join a climate, queer, or indigenous protest group. Attend local council meetings. Start a cult. You can create "bubbles" of unreality that I like to call Waylets, just by actively resisting any time realism tries to intrude on your family or community.

Why all the links to fiction? Is soulism just a LARP?

Fiction is what our current capitalist society provides in place of myth. And myths are what tell us who we are and what we care about. The human brain is designed to absorb information through story. Stories make facts relatable, and emotional. And having a deep understanding and emotional investment in our ideas is important. This is the most powerful and compelling way we can explain soulism to you, and it's a big part of how we understand it ourselves. Ultimately our goal is to do away with the whole idea that fiction and myth are less worthwhile than reality, so we are not LARPing in the sense that we don't believe in what we say, but you might consider us LARPers because we don't care to be "real".

I heard soulism is related to egoism. Are you just a bunch of amoral navel-gazers?

No. Soulism is first and foremost about undoing the harm realism has caused to everyone. This harm takes the form of cultural and religious genocides against indigenous people, cishet identities forced onto queer people, and many other forms just as horrible. Soulism is founded in kindness, tolerance, and acceptance. Our foremost concern is respecting the right of all people to self-determination of their experience of reality. Soulism has very little to do with egoism, and a whole lot to do with intersectional feminism and international liberation.

Who is soulism supposed to help?

Soulism is for the liberation of gay, bisexual, asexual, trans, nonbinary, intersex, and every other queer identity. Soulism is for justice, sovereignty, and flourishing of black, indigenous, multiracial, immigrant, and global-south communities. Soulism is for additional options for divergent, disabled, disordered, and ill persons in either a recovery of their own will, or a life of their own choosing. Soulism is for the recognition and acceptance of otherkin, plural systems, and members of new religious movements and cults. Implementation of soulist ideas, including the ideas shared by the broader spectrum of anarchist thinking, will help everyone by giving everyone freedom of life and reality, but those most disadvantaged will most benefit.

What are the actual steps to a soulist revolution?

I'm not going to tell you that's a solved question, because it isn't. A necessary step would be getting people involved who know a lot about how to do these things. But in broad strokes: Spread materials to raise class and reality consciousness in the working class, build robust support networks of mutual aid and self-governance, distribute means of dismantling the state and reality, and take forceful action to do so by minimum possible violence. We've already started doing step 2 with the people who have reached a high level of class and reality consciousness, while continuing step 1 with the general population.

What does soulism have to do with souls? Why the name?

The name "soulism" is largely historical baggage, which was actually coined by non-soulists describing what they thought soulism would be like. The name "anarcho-antirealism" is more descriptive, though unfortunately longer and less well known. The etymology of soulism, though, is that you have this movement which doesn't believe in physical matter, and values people as people instead of as bodies. What do you call a humanist philosophy if you don't believe that humanity even exists? It could have been named personism, or mindism, but one is clunky and one is overly technical. The idea of "souls" connotes spirituality and kindness, which are important ideas of soulist praxis, whether or not any of us actually believe in souls.